Hen Party Games = Final Draft

xxxx Words.

With Summer here, its not just beaches and cocktails that go with the good weather: Summer is of course wedding season!

With all the planning, spending, reconsidering and more spending required for the perfect day, it?s no surprise many brides-to-be get burnt out and have little time for themselves; but help is at hand?how? The hen party of course!!

With the choice of a big night out, spa weekend, city break or an intimate party, Hens and their closest friends want a send off that is unforgettable, but it?s not just about the event, it?s also about connecting with your girls before leaping into the unknown and thanking them for always being there!

Adding value to this experience, more and more wedding parties are opting for a selection of fun (and often risqu?) party games to create a truly unforgettable experience!

Long gone are the days of a couple of innocent drinks and the exchange of gifts, women want more and the list of games is endless, but just in case you don?t have time to search forever?here are our top ten:


The first of our great games for the bachelorette party is ?banned words?, a warm up for the hen party activities which starts right at the beginning of the hen night where a strict list of banned words is created which cannot be even whispered throughout the whole night.
This might be the name of the groom, mention of his stag party, the honeymoon destination or even the word wedding.

Playing may seem easy at first, but after the conversation?and obviously the drinks?start to really flow, it can be hard to avoid forbidden words! The Hen gets to chose the forfeit or punishment, from doing a shot to completing a dare, either way a new element of danger and excitement is added to the night!


While the drinks may be getting drunk, there?s no reason why the party can?t still be sophisticated, think fine wines, think culture, think fine art. And what better way to find your inner Picasso than through drawing a hot naked guy?
Whether it?s the bride?s mum blushing, or the poor artistic attempts (think stick-man-with-cucumber) this game is something everyone can get involved in, no matter the type of hen do. With the chance to take home and frame their masterpieces, this will be a talking point right up to the day of the wedding?


If the nude life drawing was not daring enough, then getting close to friends you normally are only intimate with at dinner parties may well be.
Using any part of the body, the hen?s friends must strategically move a balloon for one person to the next without it dropping to the ground; the easiest technique is to press close together and move slowly?the only problem is this involves getting very close and the balloon getting very squeaky.
This might be a great team building exercise, but it doesn?t matter how competitive the teams or individuals are, giggling is bound to break out?and giggling is infectious?


Little girls spend hours planning their perfect white wedding; the dress being the central focus, but once they grow up into women, a lot of work is required to fund those dreams.
So what better job to make dreams into realities than being a wedding-dress designer? Sound hard? Must need some training right? Well two teams get to do this job for one night only; here are the rules:

Two teams get a toilet role each (because who needs lace) and have to turn one of their team members into a beautiful bride against the clock. Running around the chosen two (for example the bride and main of honour), the teams must create an iconic?or at least memorable dress, and the winner is the closest to a realistic looking dress when time is up! Not only a lot of laughs, but a great way to work out who NOT to help plan the wedding?


By the time of the hen night the invitations should have already gone out to your closest friends?friends that you know better than anyone; but exactly how intimately do you know them?can you identify their style?tastes?do you know their secrets?

This can be put to the test with the addition of a few hen party accessories. Either just the bride or perhaps even several teams, get the chance to win some hen party gifts by guessing the identity of one of their friends by examining a personal item; their knickers. Is Laura Lacy? Is Claire Crotchless? Does Becky wear Big Knickers? Prepare to win a prize or otherwise just act shocked by the fashion picks of your ordinarily sophisticated ladies?


If you know your friends well, that?s a wonderful thing, but you might just regret how well they know you?

If they struggled with the ?art? activity earlier in the evening, perhaps it?s time to try an easier medium; anyone can tell a good story! Many different formats are available, but our pick is this:

Each member of the party writes down a story of something that happened to the hen (ideally a secret) and puts it into a bag and the hen reads out the stories one by one, trying to guess the mystery author! The more juicy and the more detailed the story, the easier to give the hen ideas of who would admit theses things!
This could be hen heaven or hell, but it is guaranteed to be pure bliss for listeners and an essential part of the hen party package!


Away from the groom but not far away from a life together, but how well do you really know this person?! The person you will be together with for?hmmm?the rest of your life.

Get the groom to provide some questions about himself, or even send your girlies to squeeze some facts from him?after all, they need to make sure you aren?t marrying anyone with skeletons in the closet?then make sure the answers are kept secret.

The Mr and Mrs questions can just be read out, but with your phone in hand it is better to film the groom beforehand asking the bride the questions?then reading out the answers! This adds a more engrossing visual element to the game as the bride is now answerable to the groom, but she can still shout at the screen if the questions are unfair!


Lets take it back now to parties you might remember from your youth, no jelly and ice cream sadly, no pass the parcel?how about pin the tail on the donkey; absolute classic! But not a game for hen weekends surely?! Well it is with the slightest twist?lets try pin the tail on the?hot guy? Yeah that works, but he needs to be hung like a donkey, but not look like one. Ladies?introducing Pin the Willy on the Hunk.

Firstly the brides to be gets a good look at the ?graphic? image of a hunk spread across the wall of the finest of all the hen party venues, adding an ideal touch of decoration. Then, having seen as much as she is allowed, the most basic of hen party outfits is added: A blindfold!
Depending how mischievous her friends are, there is the option to make the hen spin around, although pointing her in the right direction is common courtesy?and then staggering, dizzy and perhaps a little bit tipsy at this point?the hen must stride forward, willy in hand and put it where she wants on the hunk!
Closest girl to the correct location wins another hen party prize for the evening, so the other ultra-competitive guests have to repeat the process until a winner is declared.

While this is a classic game idea, it proves popular and is one of the best hen party ideas as anyone can get involved and the laughter-factor is very high!


With the constant risk of wedding costs spiralling out of control it?s a good idea to keep the costs down be reusing items?still got that blindfold from Pin the Willy on the Hunk?! Great! you get to use it again for this next game, which requires the bride to know her bridesmaids before the day, quite ?intimately??

While the bride to be is blindfolded, a selection of her guests are chosen or volunteer (are volunteered!) to be players in this game of ?Guess the Bridesmaid? (or other party guest).

So?the first bridesmaid stands before the blindfolded bride, who feels for her shape, height, hair, the kind of clothing she is wearing?and takes on the role of super-sleuth to detect which of her closest friends is stood before her through touch alone!

This game can be made even more hilarious if the bride gives a commentary of what she is feeling and thinking ?hmmm?nice material?where did you get this? Ohhh?too skinny to be Emma??. This is not only a great hen party game but also a fantastic bonding exercise with everyone having to get on together and take comments as tongue in cheek; very memorable and very, very funny!


The evening has peaked, or may be winding down. Drinks have been drunk. Music and party games have been played. By this point everyone is in a great mood, relaxed and enjoying a giggle as a group, happy for the memories that have been created.

But what game can possibly be played sat down, a little worse for wear, while laughing into a full cocktail or half-sipped glass of wine?..

So it needs to be something simple?yet interesting. With easy rules?but difficult not to enjoy. Well ladies, you might just know this one already, that?s right; the slumber party classic: Truth. Or Dare!!

Having spent the day, evening or even night really getting to know new faces, or know old faces better, it?s time to squeeze out a few last secrets, or face the consequences to the delight of others?

The rules can be varied for this one, with options including:

Classic Truth or Dare:

The group goes round in a circle with a quiz-master asking questions to each person, or with each person asking the person to their right for a saucy secret, or else an embarrassing dare. Honesty is the best policy as some dares may be pretty hardcore, and who knows photos might get taken?

Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare:

Similar in the basic rules, but more nerve wrecking as anyone can be challenged randomly if the bottle stops on them, perhaps twice consecutively?maybe even three times if fate plays a cruel hand! This game works quicker and is bound to get just a little bit silly?

Team Truth or Dare:

Two teams battle each other alternating and picking a member of the opposite team to answer or do a dare, until nobody is left. While there is a definite start and finish to this version, the competitive edge is very appealing to groups of laddies with slight ?Type A? !