What to do if you’re a Buff Butler on party bus

  1. Confirm that you will be entertaining on the reservation email we send you.
  2. On the date of the event, be sure to contact the Party Bus company and find out the bus driver NAME and PHONE NUMBER.
  3. Contact the client the DAY BEFORE the party to go over any special requests and what kind of music they want to hear on the bus. This is also a good time to ask the customer Q&A for games such as “Memories”.
  4. On the day of the party, be sure to give yourself PLENTY OF TIME to make it to the bus.? Remember, there is traffic and parking issues all the time on the weekend.? Leave 30 minutes earlier than you think you need.? If you get there early, just relax, read a book, play on your phone, get ready in the bathroom, whatever.? But being late to meet the girls and get on the bus on time is UNACCEPTABLE.
  5. Be dressed sharp (dress shirt, tie, vest, slacks, dress shoes) to meet your guests and escort them on the bus.
  6. Once on the bus, connect your ipod, phone, whatever you use to play music, to the bus’ stereo system.? You can use bluetooth or audio cable.? Bluetooth allows you to control the stereo remotely while an audio cable is usually for last resort.
  7. Before making drinks, tell the guests that “Do you mind if I change into something a little more comfortable?”.? Then change into your buff butler outfit.? Do it in front of the guest and have fun with it.? This is time for your flirty personality to show 😉
  8. Once dressed, ask the guest of honor what she would like to drink.? After serving her her drink, then serve drinks to the rest of the guests.
  9. After drinks are served, feel free to make yourself a drink (non-alcholic) and make a toast! Ask a guest if they’d like you to take a picture of all of them toasting at once.? Maybe get in the picture as well if someone has a selfie stick!? If you have a selfie stick, even better.
  10. Make conversation
  11. Offer to play a game.? A great one to start off with is “Never have I ever”.
  12. Play “Memories”
  13. When or if a stripper comes on board, make sure you help setup his/her music.? Also make sure you continue to serve drinks as the stripper dances.
  14. When you arrive to the photo opp location (Vegas Sign / Bellagio Fountains / Etc), make sure you’re wearing the Buff Butler with Pants outfit.? Escort the girls to the Vegas sign.
  15. At the sign, ask one of the “volunteer photographers” (they work off tips) to take a picture of the group.? Ask one of the guest if they could tip the photographer a $10.
  16. Take lots of fun pics, do funny poses, etc!
  17. Escort the guests back on the bus.
  18. As stripper starts dancing for second half of the trip, you can serve drinks or if the guests are tipping and you’re in the mood, feel free to join in on the fun and give lap dances!? It’s okay to strip down to your bootie shorts if you like.? It’s up to you.
  19. After the stripper leaves, hang out with the guests and make nice conversation as the bus arrives at its final destination.
  20. Escort the guests off the bus and wish them a fun night!