When you receive a job offer..

  1. Be sure to read the details carefully!  If you forget to perform a service that we have charged for and that you have agreed to, then you need to reimburse us for the fee we lost.  
    1. For example:  If you forget to do the full monty flash ending, then:
      1. You can NOT receive payment from the customer for this option
      2. You must REIMBURSE US for the deposit that we have to refund to the customer
  2. ALWAYS double check the calendar date and time (including time zone) with the customer.  The simplest and worst mistake it to have the date and/or time wrong.  
  3. ALWAYS contact customer to go over where/where/how to meet up.  Traffic.  Parking.  Hotel Security. There could be an obstacle on your way to your party.  
  4. You are responsible for collecting payment.  That is why you should collect the fee at the beginning.  If you wait until the end, and for some reason the customer comes up short, then it is your responsibility.  We can NOT charge the customer for any money they owe you.  That money is up to you to collect.
  5. If there is any problem or if you or the customer has any questions, please contact us right away.  A text message is preferred.  Text us at 702-907-5019