How we do group texts to check availability

Watch this video or read the instructions below the video

Here’s how it works when we ask the group who wants to be submitted for a job:

1) You will receive a text from our TELEGRAM NOTIFICATION LINE which is (702) 904-0995

2) The message will look like this:

Replacement Striptainer needed!

DATE: April 10 2018
TIME: 9:00pm
# Girls: 0
# Guys: 10
Full Monty: No
Party Lights: Yes
Pay is your usual + tips

Reply “Shepard” to 702-907-5019. You can also give us alternate times you are available.

3) You can answer this request several ways

  a)  Text “yes Shepard”

  b)  Text “no Shepard”

  c)  Text “yes Shepard, I can do anytime from 7pm – 11pm”

This is how you tell us if you can or can’t do the job. Or if you can do the job but at a different time.

4) If you say yes to our job, we will send you a confirmation email with details for the job.


How this process looks on your phone