Office Rules for Staff

    1. Always keep your area organized and clean
    2. Throw food garbage in the trash area outside the office.  Do NOT throw food into the office trash cans. That will attract fruit flies.
    1. Always be available during your office hours.  If you are supposed to be at the office from 12pm to 7pm but the owner isn’t able to come at 2pm, then be ready to be at the office by 2pm.  Your office hours are dedicated for work only.
    2. The owner has the right to start the office later if needed. Employees/Talent are expected to be on time.  Management can text the owner daily to verify that he is on his way so they are not waiting at the office.
    1. Do NOT use the computers for personal use.  You can use your own smartphone or tablet if you like.
    2. In regards to use of company equipment:
      1. Take care of it the same way you would of your own.  If you break any of our equipment, you will be asked to pay a deposit for the replacement.
      2. Do NOT use the company computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone for personal use.  Do NOT surf the web, download programs, anything that can cause a vulnerability within our system.
    3. Do NOT leave company equipment in an area where it can be stolen and damaged.  Be careful to keep them in room temperature and in a dry area (not humid).
    4. Try to avoid using SLEEP MODE if possible.
    1. Always answer the phone whenever possible.
    2. If you miss a call, be sure to call them back as soon as possible.  We promise calls returned within the hour but for last minute bookings, time is of the essence.  So call them soon as you can.
    1. Same rules apply as to answering the phone