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Striptainers is our NATIONWIDE male and female stripper site.

This site ONLY promotes strippers for hire. 

This site is NOT affiliated with Wild Boyz, Dream Boyz, Wild Girlz, Love Bunnies, or Playgirls.

If you are on this site, you must accept jobs for it at the rates provided below. 

If you wish to be added to or removed from this site, please contact the staff at Wild Entertainment.


Rates for Love Bunnies Bachelor Party Strippers

PackageClothing OptionDancer Pay (Level 2)Dancer Pay (Level 1)
1 girl show for 30-45 minLingerie$135$110
1 girl show for 30-45 minTopless$150$125
1 girl show for 30-45 minFully Nude$180$150
(Subtract 10% from the rates if 2 or more dancers are booked)