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Our Replacement Process

Replacing entertainers for parties can happen.  When it does, we will send out a text to everyone with the following details:

  1. WHAT: “Replacement Striptainer Needed!”
  2. WHEN: “Friday, Dec 30, 2018”
  3. START TIME: “10:30PM”
  4. HOW LONG: “30 min”
  5. ADD-ONS: “Party Lights & Full Monty”
  6. WHERE: “MGM Grand”
  7. GUESTS: “10 girls / 0 guys”
  8. PAY: “Pay is your usual” or “Pay is $150” or “Pay is your rate ($180 max)”
  9. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: “Dress as UPS delivery guy.  Deliver fake package.”
  10. HOW TO APPLY: “reply “UPS” to be submitted

How does the pay work for this gig?

In the example above, the PAY is your pay rate for 30 minutes.  The max is $180.  What this means is if your pay is usually $150, then you will get that amount.  If your pay is $200, then you will have to accept $180 instead.  This is because we have to refund the difference to the customer if the replacement Striptainer is less than the original Striptainer. 

The “plus $70” is the extra amount you are paid for bringing party lights and ending the party with the full monty.

I’m confused!

No problem, you can text any questions to 702-605-0800 or send us an email support @ skyfire.vip.