How to be a Buff Butler on a party bus

Your job is to do the following. Meet the customers in the hotel usually near the lobby by the valet entrance. Then you escort the group to the party bus and allow them to go in first. Then go on the bus and tell the driver that itinerary. Then read the girls and prepare drinks. Do a toast, play games, make jokes and you can even strip and give lap dances towards the second half of the run.

You will walk the group to the Vegas sign and take pictures with them in standard positions and then in some fun sexy goofy positions anything that looks good on camera. And of course you can take pictures of them at any time on the bus and be like a party photographer.

When the ride is over you will escort them off and give them all a big hug and say thanks and you can take pictures with them and maybe autograph some 8x10s and invite them to other events that we sell tickets for.