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What do I have to do?

  • Come to the date dressed nice (dress shirt/tie)
  • In the room, always be attentive and offer to do the following:
    • Mix and serve drinks
    • Play drinking games
    • Body shots
    • Striptease 
    • Give lap dances
  • Outside the room, just act the part of the perfect gentleman or classy lady.  Be the perfect date and smile, laugh and be conversational and think of things to talk about  

Clothing Requirements

  • Nice Belt
  • Dressy Pants or skirt (nice! not torn or dirty)
  • Nice Shoes
  • Nice shirt
  • Vest (optional for men)
  • Jacket (recommended)
  • Swag (watch, jewelry, etc)

Bottom line: You want to look good!

Equipment Requirements

A bag containing the following:

  • Wireless speaker
  • Music playlist to dance to
  • Nice briefs or booty shorts to strip down too
  • Lotion
  • Cologne/Perfume