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I recommend using the calendar AND notes on your phone. Make sure you set reminders as well.

For example:

Step 1, put the party into your calendar.

Step 2, make sure you set the calendar alarm for the day before.

Step 3, add the party and details into a NOTE on your notepad. The NOTES are for keeping track of your parties and details.

ALWAYS check your calendar BEFORE you sleep and when you WAKE UP. You DO NOT want to miss a party because you overlooked it or forgot! Those are not acceptable excuses.


When I have a party for Saturday, I make sure I have everything out and ready to go the day before. That way, I’m not rushed or worries and there’s less chance I’ll forget something (If you forget your power cord for the speaker, or audio cable, or g-string, etc, it can ruin the party. Always be prepared and always double check your stuff before heading out to the party!)

I use Outlook on my PC and phone to keep track of my parties. Whatever method you use, just be sure to be consistent!