Sending Booking Fees and Tipouts

What you need to do after you complete a job for us, you must do two things: 

  1. Send us a text after you complete the job and let us know how it went.
  2. Send us a screenshot of your Tipout (15% recommended)

How To Send Your Tipout: 

  • We accept electronic payment through Venmo (username is @skyfireusa) or Cashapp (username is $skyfireusa)
  • In the payment notes, put down ONLY the date of the reservation and the customer’s name.
    • example “10-15-2021 Smith”
  • After you send your payment, take a screenshot of the payment and text it to (855) 945-3243.
  • For examples, look below.

Screenshot of Venmo payment

Screenshot of Cash App payment