The Perfect Buff Butler Party

  1. Buff Butler knocks on door.  He’s dressed in black slacks, white dress shirt and black jacket.
  2. He warmly greets the customer and enters the room.
  3. He opens up his box and shows the customer that he is prepared.
  4. He pulls out the speaker and starts some light music to get the party started.
  5. He pulls out party lights and sets them up. He dims the room lights and gets the mood right.
  6. He begins organizing a space to make drinks.  He pours everyone a drink.
  7. He gives a funny toast.
  8. He offers to host/play some games.
  9. The first game is “Memories”.
  10. The second game is “Never Have I Ever”.
  11. The third game is the “Mummy Race”
  12. The fourth game is “pin the penis on the butler”
  13. With a half hour left in the party, the buff butler gives the “Magic Mike Ending” in which a striptease is performed for the guest of honor
  14. The Butler (now Striptainer) works the room and gives everyone dances and attention.
  15. Floor games can be played with tipping.
  16. Body shots can also be done with tipping.
  17. Before the party is over, the butler offers to take pics of the group or to take pics with the guests.
  18. The butler packs up his things and gets dressed to leave.
  19. Before he leaves, he asks the customer if there’s anything else he can do, like clean up and around the place.
  20. The butler leaves after saying goodbye to the guests.