Camgirls: How To Establish A Camming Fanbase

Camming Models: How To Build Up A Fanbase

Camming can be a very lucrative career. It?s very easy to login to whatever camming network you choose and get instant traffic to your chatroom. Camming networks spend a lot of effort and money advertising their businesses. Through this marketing, a constant flow of traffic visits the network and  browses the models. These surfers will come and go from your chatroom as well. This can be enough traffic to make some decent money for most girls.

But even the best camgirls will do much better if they have a loyal and active following. Your loyal fans are more likely to search you out when on the camming network and tip you more regularly. Your fanbase is your big tippers and is your key to live sex success. Here?s some tips for building up an established fanbase.


It Takes Time (And Patience!)

If you?re a new camgirl, don?t be discouraged. It takes time to build up name recognition and a strong following. You?ll naturally build friends and followers as time goes on. Be patient as you build up your following, and be sure to reward your regulars as you acquire them. Nurture your first regulars very well. Slowly you?ll get more and more regulars and before you know it, you?re one of the popular ones on your camming network!


WordPressTry To Get Featured In Your Networks Blog and Social Media

Most camming networks have active blogs or social media handles. These networks like to do articles and features on their models from time to time. It?s actually insanely easy to get featured on the networks blogs and social handles. Usually you simply have to email whomevers in charge of marketing/PR or social media. They might even have guidelines (check the support of your network) on how to apply to be a featured model.

Not only does being featured get you in the eyes of network followers, but it also makes you appear ?newsworthy? (which you are!). If the network is featuring you, obviously they see something in you and all the readers should go check you out right away. It?s also a great way to drive social media followers, as the networks always share their new content on any network they?re apart of.


Join As Many Adult Networks As Possible (Not Multiple Camming Networks!)

It?s not suggested to join multiple camming networks! This is because you?re stretching yourself too thin. If you join multiple camming, you?ll have to perform live across multiple networks, which is way time consuming. There are many networks for selling adult content sets though. There?s also many adult / camgirl profile and directory sites. By selling porn across multiple networks (highly recommended!) and joining as many model directory sites as possible (highly recommended!) you?ll gain exposure to an audience you won?t reach from your camming network alone. It?s also possible to create a residual income from the porn sales!

Many browsers on the adult marketplace sites will find models they like and start following them over social media or on their cam networks. It?s a great way to gain exposure. In addition, most networks let you link out to your camming networks, websites and social media handles.


Adult TwitterBuild Up Your Following Over Social Media

Social media is a savvy camgirl?s best friend. Social media is 100% free (for the most part) and a great way to reach a huge audience. There?s many social networks out there. Which ones you choose is completely up to you. Just remember that some networks are more friendly with adult content than others. Twitter and Tumblr are two networks that are musts. Networks such as Instagram, Reddit, DailyMotion, Vine, Snapchat and Google+ can also be great networks to be active on.

There?s two goals here; building up your following and then converting them into customers. Building up the following is easier than converting them. Making them into loyal fans is the real goal though. Running contests and giveaways is a great way to drive engagement and convert your followers. If someone who?s not a current loyal fan receives a free 1-hour show with you simply by being a follower, that?s a great time to show the fan the quality of your shows and hopefully they?ll be back for more!

When going online or hosting a new piece of content, try @mentioning the social media handles of the network your camming for or uploading the content to. These networks have social media teams that are really good at retweeting and sharing their models work and shows. This is a great way to get traffic from the network?s social media handles and increase your following.


WebsiteBuilding A Website and Active Blogging

Google is your best friend. Google will be a better friend if you learn the basics of SEO and start actively blogging. Every blog post has the potential to target a new search phrase. This will bring in valuable organic traffic. This traffic will either be looking for you directly (if they Googled your name) or looking for the type of shows you put on (by Googling phrases / keywords related to your show)

Once you?ve got the content on your website and have it ranked, the traffic will automatically flow in. This all happens in the background for the most part. You?ll still need to consistently blog to target new search terms and keep your content fresh and active. If you?re using a CMS (Like WordPress, guide to building in WordPress linked-to below!) you can also automate your social media directly through the website. This can save some time in sharing your content and leave you more time for blogging.

For blogging ideas; share what kind of shows you?re putting on and link to any content you upload for sale on porn selling sites. Not only is this valuable search engine rankings, but it can drive traffic and sales. Be sure to use your affiliate links when blogging and posting banners on your website. Most camming network has an affiliate program. What that means is you get paid to drive traffic to their site. If you refer a new customer to their network, they?ll pay you a commission or lifetime revenue-sharing on all of the purchases your traffic makes. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make an extra buck while promoting your products and services. If the traffic is all referred through blog posts, it becomes a residual income stream as well.

Building a website requires zero coding experience! Developments in technology have made it easier and easier to build and manage your own website. Here?s a website building guide for camming models. It?ll cover everything you?ll need to know when purchasing a domain, hosting and building your website.

Also, you might want to check out Model Centro. They offer a free website builder to models. It comes will a billing system for fanclub members, a visual website builder and free hosting! It?s suggested that you still acquire your own website name (opposed to a free subdomain on their site) because it looks much more professional and search engines will like it better.

If you don?t go with ModelCentro and take advantage of their free website builder, make sure that you use an adult-friendly web host! You don?t want to get your account banned and taken offline due to TOS violation!


Join Camming Competitions

There?s many competitions that get hosted by the various camming networks and other adult sites. This is a great way to gain exposure and possibly prizes. The terms of the competition is going to vary from competition-to-competition and from network-to-network. When joining a competition, it helps to get very loud over your blog, social media networks and the network hosting the competition. Usually they feature winners and runner-ups on a specific page on the site as well as on their blogs and social media channels.

If the competition requires making x-amount of certain kinds of sales, it can also be very profitable. Use the competition as a call-to-action to drive sales. Offer some additional incentives (free personalized video or show for biggest supporter, ect) to drive additional sales. Not only can competitions be very profitable, but you can gain some new followers from being featured as a contestant.